Rochester, NY 2

The whole NY state is experiencing an unusual amount of snow.
Some weather stations called this the "snow hurricane".
A whole bunch of flights to NY were canceled yesterday, when I flew from LA to Rochester, but thankfully, I made it in time.
My business here will be finished tonight here at 10pm, and I am heading back to NYC tomorrow via train.

2 thoughts on “Rochester, NY

  • ピアニスト、makicha

    わ~、本当!ご指摘頂くまで自分の「女神」名称を忘れていました! 余裕が無かったんだなあ、と初めて自覚します。でも、本当に奇跡的に全てに間に合い、全てが無事終了しました。今、NJのホームステー先に帰って来たところです。次の本番まで3日。ゆっくり休んで、もう一度頑張ります!

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