Rochester, and Ithaca NY 2

I did not bring my laptop with me on this trip, so I have to use computers that do not allow me to type in Japanese.
Until yesterday morning, I was in Rochester NY, 6 hours North of Manhattan. I expected it to be a lot colder, but I got lucky and it was not bad at all. I got to see a production of La Traviata by Verdi with Rochester Philharmonic in beautiful Kodak Hall – that was an unexpected treat!
Since yesterday, I have been in Ithaca NY, where Cornell University is. It has a beautiful campus with amazing libraries, museums, and all sorts of other resources.
Tomorrow, I will go back to NYC, but will have to stay there until Wed to take care of various businesses.
It will be a while til I get back to my computer, and blogging.
Hope you are all well.

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